{I'll risk all my life to fight.
Regrets are part of our life that we lose in our path. After you lost them, they won't come back again. I won't have regrets anymore at time of my death.
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@masato_coldrain: Missing my favorite dogs!
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...And have fun at our lives
We're waiting
We're waiting
We love you all ~
Tateyama ~ONE OK ROCK - Tateyama

suddenly wanted to make gif when this song randomly played. I’m not really sure what Tateyama means but mountain always comes up as its image though :DDD
and today they will perform in Kickoff party, right? so it’s the start for their May-July 2014 tour. Have fun everyone! yossha! ლ(`∇ ´ ლ)

© pic lyrics 「ONE OK ROCK lyrics challenge」
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Taka fanart by @negi91_rb
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Rui-san’s FOOL COOL ROCK Photo Exhibit!


Those of you who are lucky enough to be in Japan for ONE OK ROCK's Fool Cool Rock, Rui Hashimoto has announced a 5 day photo exhibit coinciding with the film's release!

When: May 16th ~ June 5th
Where: PARCO Gallery, Shibuya PARCO shopping centre
Opening Hours: 10:00am ~ 9:00pm
Price: Free!!!

It’s FREE! So you’d be crazy not to check it out!

(source: Rui Hashimoto’s official Twitter)

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That was so beautiful
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